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Are you ready to get hooked up, but not sure where to begin? Click the button below to sign-up to be placed on a team where there is the highest need! You're a do it all, Swiss-army knife person that just wants to serve!

01 Kids & Students

Licensed Professionals

Do you love helping children learn to know and love Jesus? We are always in need of wonderful volunteers who are ready to serve the Next Generation.

Our Nursery Classroom Leaders are outgoing, friendly, and welcoming. They will greet children and parents as they arrive and take attendance. You will thrive in this volunteer role if you have a high level of comfort with babies and toddlers.

Requirements: Minimum 6 Months Attendance, Background Check, and Child Safety Trainings
Age: 13+
Commitment Level: Once per month

Kids & Students

02 Hospitality & Next Steps

Hospitaity & Next Steps

Eco-Friendly Design

Do you love making people feel valued and seen? Then consider joining our hospitality team! Whether it’s serving coffee, connecting with people, helping people find a parking spot or a seat, this team helps makes everyone feel at home!

Greeters at Victory know how to have fun! They are a part of our overall Hospitality Team - a group of people gifted by God to create a warm and welcoming environment for the people of our community. From opening a door to fist bumping with kids, this team takes on a posture of helpfulness, whatever the need.

Requirements: None

Age: 12+

Commitment: Twice a month

Tech & Worship

03 Tech & Worship

First-Rate Materials

In Tech & Worship, we're all worship leaders! Whether you're behind a camera, mixing in-house audio, or playing an instrument, you're a vital part of expressing worship and helping others do the same!

As a worship team volunteer, you will help facilitate the singing of the saints at Victory on a weekly basis. Our aim is to point people to who God is, who we are, what Christ has done, and what that means for our life. Practically, this looks like using the gifts God has given us as tools for encouragement and edification.

Requirements: Audition, Filled with the Holy Spirit

Age: Everyone

Commitment: As needed (Monthly)

04 Security & Facilities

First-Rate Materials

Presenting our church in a clean and safe way is a form of worship, and our Security and Facilities teams are passionate about worshipping in the sometimes un-seen places of our church. From mowing the grass, keeping the building in top shape, or making sure our worship gatherings are safe and secure, God delights in the servants heart!

We are looking to grow our team that keeps Victory safe on Sundays and other church events throughout the week. You’ll be a great fit for this team if you have experience in security, law enforcement, or military service. This person will work with the Facilities Manager and the Medical team to ensure the safety of our church and those that attend.

Requirements: Membership, Background Check, Security Training

Age: 18+

Commitment: Every other month

Security & Faclities

05 Small Groups & Crisis Care

First-Rate Materials

There aren't many things more important to people than connecting. People were made to connect (Gen 2). At Victory, we believe that connection with each other in Christ-centered relationships is vital to living a life full of purpose and color. Through a Small Groups where real realtionships are formed, or reaching out to those navigating the chaos of life in Crisis Care, you'll find a new purpose in serving others.

To host a Victory Small Group is not a complicated thing! All you need is a heart for people, and a place to meet! Whether you choose to open your home, meet in a coffee shop, talk about the Sunday message, sew quilts or just pray, there is a Victory Small Group waiting to happen!

Requirements: Membership, Background Check, Filled with the Spirit

Age: 18+

Commitment: Every other month

Small Groups & Crisis Care
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