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What is Launch Sunday?

On Sunday, May 31st, 2015 the Holy Spirit spoke a very powerful word to our hearts during worship saying, "You have now entered the second phase of your ministry." That word resonated in my heart immediately. Since Phase 2 began we have seen nearly 300 people experience miraculous healing. Miraculous financial breakthroughs have continued unabated since that time. Marriages have been restored and supernaturally strengthened. The stories are so numerous that we have not been able to keep up with the testimonies.

I heard it said recently that, "What is happening at Victory Maysville is so good, powerful, and life transforming that we are doing our community and our world a disservice if we don't use every means possible to get it out into our community and the world." I agree wholeheartedly! The Gospel of the grace of God, which we have been sharing since 2007, has reached the tipping point at Victory Maysville. We cannot rest until everybody in our community has heard the Gospel in the same measure that we have heard it.

We have been transformed by the power of the Finished Work of the Cross of Jesus Christ. "It is Finished" now resonates deeply and loudly in our hearts. "It is Finished" is now the DNA of Victory Maysville. "It is Finished" is no longer what I "do"... It is "who" we are. We are no longer trying to "move" God to hear us, forgive us, accept us, heal us or bless us. God moved for us through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We now rest in a finished work. We aren't trying to add anything to the masterpiece created by our Father. We are simply receiving the abundance of grace that is now provided by the Finished work of the Cross. We have received the gift of righteousness and stand perfectly righteous and loved in God's sight. Condemnation and guilt is a thing of the past.

However, we can no longer allow such a revolutionary, life-changing message to stay bottled up in the walls of a 60' by 100" building. We, as of September 11, 2016, have launched on the mission to impact our community and world with the same message and power that was launched from the resurrection of Jesus Christ and impacted us for eternity.

Byron Mills - Senior Pastor

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